Neues Security-Tool für Office-Umgebungen: Office 2010 Security Baseline

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Microsoft Office 2010 Security Baseline - Mozilla Firefox 4Microsoft unterstützt IT-Manger bei der Umsetzung von grundlegenden Sicherheitseinstellungen in Office-Umgebungen mit “Office 2010 Security Baseline”, das Bestandteil Teil des Microsoft Security Compliance Manager Tools ist. Hier zur weiteren Beschreibung und dem Download-Link auf das Security Compliance Manager Tool:

The Microsoft Office 2010 Security Baseline is part of the Microsoft Security Compliance Manager tool, which is designed to provide you with an end-to-end solution to help you plan, deploy, and monitor the security baselines of computers running Microsoft Office 2010 in your environment. In addition to this security baseline, a new Office 2010 setting pack is now available. The Office 2010 setting pack is also available through the Security Compliance Manager tool.

The Security Compliance Manager tool provides centralized security baseline management features, a baseline portfolio, customization capabilities, and security baseline export flexibility to accelerate your organization’s ability to efficiently manage the security and compliance process for the most widely used Microsoft products… [Quelle]