Zusammenfassung Ignite 2018: Die wichtigsten Vorträge zu SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive und Office 365

Microsoft Ignite 2018Man muss mittlerweile nicht mehr die weite und kostspielige Reise zu großen Microsoft-Konferenzen wie der Ignite 2018 auf sich nehmen, um was zu lernen. Von der Veranstaltung in der letzten Woche in Orlando (Florida) gibt es inzwischen die meisten Vorträge als Videoaufzeichnung. Ein anderes Problem ist allerdings die enorme Zahl an Sessions: Laut Microsoft-Katalog waren es gut 600, andere sprachen  sogar von 1500.

Die wichtigsten Vorträge rund um die Themen SharePoint, Office 365, Teams und OneDrive habe ich hier mal zusammengetragen. Microsoft hat versprochen, nach und nach alle Aufzeichnungen frei zugänglich zu machen, allerdings fehlen immer noch etliche Videos. Hier brauchts also teilweise noch etwas Geduld.

Alle Videos per Download-Skript

Wie schon in den letzten Jahren gibt es wieder ein PowerShell-Skript auf Technet, mit dem man alle Videos in einem Rutsch herunterladen kann. Per Parameter lässt sich dabei auch selektieren, um die vielen Gigabytes an Downloads einzugrenzen.

Unsere Auswahl der wichtigsten Vorträge:

Allgemeines, Überblick über SharePoint, OneDrive und Teams

BRK2451 – Content Collaboration in the Modern Workplace
Jeff Teper: Modern content management and collaboration is essential to driving productivity and innovation in today’s workplace. Successful organizations are embracing this opportunity by leveraging SharePoint and OneDrive to empower people to share and work together, inform and engage employees, harness collective knowledge, and transform their business processes. During this must-see session, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper will share the latest innovations and roadmap for content management and collaboration across Microsoft 365.
GS006 – Modern teamwork: Transform collaboration and communications with Microsoft 365
Lori Wright,  Jeff Teper: We’ve seen the impact teamwork has had in our world. But what if teams could achieve even more? With Microsoft 365, we can help teams work better together, communicate and collaborate more dynamically, and ultimately, accomplish results faster. Join Lori Wright, General Manager Microsoft 365, as she unveils exciting new capabilities that enable modern teamwork. In this action-packed session, see the latest advancements in Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, and Outlook to name a few. Learn from customers who have transformed the way they do teamwork and have valuable insights to share. Most importantly, discover how you can use Microsoft 365 in your own organization to empower teams to achieve more.
BRK2133 – What’s new and coming to Microsoft OneDrive
In 2017, we released over 100 new features and functionality to OneDrive. In this session, we cover the new and upcoming features as well as understand the investments we are making today and how this new functionality can affect you. We demo the latest features for Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, and Android as well as share our upcoming feature roadmap.
BRK2102 – Better teamwork, together: SharePoint and OneDrive integration with Microsoft Teams
SharePoint connects the workplace and powers content collaboration. OneDrive connects you with all your files in Office 365. Together, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams are greater than the sum of their parts. Join us for an overview of how these products interact with each other and learn about latest integrations we are working on to bring the richness of SharePoint directly into Teams experiences and vice versa. We will also look at teamwork use cases beyond file sharing, including shared news, lists, and apps. And we’ll explore how to structur…
BRK2159 – What’s new in Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork
Microsoft Teams is one of the most exciting and dynamic apps in Microsoft 365. Built on the strength and scale of Office 365, Microsoft Teams delivers chat-based collaboration, meetings, calling, and a full range of enterprise voice features – all underpinned by the Microsoft Graph. Join us as we showcase some of the big feature innovations we’ve made in the last year, and give you a sneak peek at some of the exciting new innovations coming to Microsoft Teams. This demo rich session will highlight the best Teams has to offer!
BRK3118 – Microsoft Teams architecture update
Learn how Microsoft Teams has been architected – what goes on behind the scenes to bring conversations, people, Office documents, and apps and services into one great experience with Microsoft Teams
BRK4012 – How to manage Microsoft Teams effectively
Join us to explore best practices and guidance on how to manage Microsoft Teams effectively, from setting proactive governance controls for how your organization can onboard to Teams to setting granular policies for what features your users can access. We will demonstrate a variety of tools and experiences that IT Pros can use including the Teams and Skype for Business Admin center and discuss common questions such as what you can control within Teams, how to decide what policies makes sense for your organization, how to set up those policies, and how best to integrate into your overall management ecosystem.
BRK2105 – Office 365 business apps (SharePoint, PowerApps, Flow, forms): What’s new and what’s coming
No-code and low-code applications have been essential tools in Microsoft SharePoint for a long time, but we’ve added many other new tools to your palette. We review the roadmap and best practices in our platform for creating business apps solutions (lists, Microsoft PowerApps, forms, Microsoft Flow). We also discuss the patterns to help transform customer solutions that still remain on premises and/or in legacy tool sets like InfoPath, SharePoint Designer or Access web apps.

Vertiefendes zu SharePoint

BRK2104 – SharePoint content services (ECM): What’s new and what’s coming
See firsthand how we continue to push Enterprise Content Management (ECM) forward into the modern content services world. SharePoint in the cloud is far more performant than classic server-based platforms. In this session, get a tour of our latest and upcoming innovations for reusing, creating, collaborating, and protecting information through its lifecycle. SharePoint has numerous key ECM capabilities (intake, content types, bulk edits, retention, data governance labels) across each of these scenarios to make content management easier and more…
BRK2136 – SharePoint innovations for intranets and portals: Live on stage!
BE AMAZED as we build a modern intranet on stage, right before your eyes. Learn how SharePoint empowers you to create employee experiences that connect the workplace and transform employee engagement and communications. SharePoint pages let you tell your story with rich, dynamic content. News lets you get the right information to the right audience at the right time. Sites let you share information and applications. Hubs let you organize your intranet and drive consistency. Yammer engages your audience in a two-way dialogue, Microsoft Stream li…
BRK3096 – What’s New and What’s Coming to SharePoint Lists
As we announced at SharePoint Conference, we are making huge investments in SharePoint lists. Join us to hear why SharePoint lists is the tool that all SharePoint users should have in their toolbelt to organize their data into the structure they need.
BRK3360 – Learn about SharePoint Hub Sites & Other Best Practices for an Intranet Information Architectures in Office 365
Join us as we build a divisional portal live on stage! We’ll showcase best practices for planning and organizing your intranet with SharePoint hub sites using Microsoft’s own intranet as an example. We’ll walkthrough how to create hub sites and setup site designs for your hub. We’ll highlight out of the box features for aggregated activity, shared navigation, theming and search across a set of sites.
THR2242 – No team site left behind: Bring the latest features to your SharePoint sites, on-premises or online
Have you seen the new features and improvements we’re bringing to SharePoint team sites, but you’re worried that you can’t leverage them on your existing sites? Worry no more! Come to this session and see how you can update your current team sites by adding modern home pages and news to them and also take advantage of list and document library improvements – for team sites on-premises or online. We also show how you can connect your SharePoint Online team sites to Office 365 Groups – opening up a whole universe of integrated collaboration scena…
BRK3090 – Customizing Modern SharePoint Sites: Branding, Site Scripts and Site Designs
In this session we’ll show you how you can use both configurable out-of-box and custom site themes (look and feel) and site designs (layout & configuration) to standardize how users create their team sites and communication sites under the guidelines of the organization. We’ll cover the latest branding capabilities and show you how the latest set of script actions can be used to configure site settings, lists, pages, and other UI elements to create consistent sites. This session will include lots of guidance and demos of various solution design…
THR2025 – SharePoint Mobile App: Find and Discover Information on the Go
Want to see how you can stay productive on the go – today – across iOS and Android? We walk through all the core use cases for accessing sites, content, news, people and search — with tons of demos! Install the app pre-session and try it on your own device as we present: aka.ms/getspmobile.
BRK2125 – Getting the most out of SharePoint: 7 habits of highly effective users
Learn the best practices for getting more engagement from SharePoint, based upon the learnings from our service telemetry data. Hear directly from the SharePoint data science team on what works best. We look both at metrics you can use to drive success in your organization and see demos of the best practices in action.

Grundlagen, Sicherheit

THR3101 – Behind the Scenes: What makes OneDrive & SharePoint Intelligent
Ever wonder what „intelligence“ really means? We go behind the scenes and explain what we mean by intelligence in SharePoint – with concrete framing and real-world examples.
BRK2101 – Drive employee engagement with Yammer, SharePoint & Stream
Company leaders recognize the need to transform their workforce, and organizations where employees are truly engaged report improved employee retention, customer satisfaction, sales metrics, and overall profitability. Microsoft 365 delivers the modern workplace and solutions that help you engage employees across organizational boundaries, generations and geographies, so you can empower your people to achieve more. Learn how SharePoint, Yammer and Stream work together to empower leaders to connect with their organizations, communicators to keep …
THR2260 – Transform internal communications with SharePoint news
Get the right news and announcements to the right people at the right time. Tell your story with compelling content including video and dynamic data from Power BI. Then distribute and promote your news to your audience across SharePoint, Teams and Yammer, and across devices. Learn how SharePoint news can transform the way you keep your team, department, or organization informed and aligned.
THR4008 – Defending the cloud: A look behind the scenes on how we secure Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint
In Office 365, we continually improve the protection, detection, and response systems that safeguard your data. We gather many terabytes of telemetry from our service infrastructure each day and apply real-time and batch analytics to rapidly detect unauthorized access. In this session, learn how our engineers use graph analytics, behavioral intrusion detection, and cloud-scale incident response to defend SharePoint Online and OneDrive.
BRK2100 – Best in class Security and Compliance with SharePoint and OneDrive
Explore the core tenets of platform security, secure access and sharing, awareness and insights, information governance, and compliance and trust in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft 365.


BRK3314 – SharePoint Development for Enterprises – What’s New and what’s next
Join us for an overview of the SharePoint landscape. We’ll show you how to extend SharePoint by adding tools and customizations that every team wants – everything from small branding tweaks to full-collaboration applications. We’ll also share real-world examples of great SharePoint design from across our global SharePoint developer community. If you’re a developer looking for tips & tricks, or a site owner looking for new ways to increase engagement, this session will offer you the inspiration and information you need to go and get started.
THR3131 – Designing an accessible intranet with SharePoint Online
Did you know that the NEW SharePoint experiences are accessible and inclusive? Come see why you should care about the accessibility best practices we followed while building these experiences on Microsoft SharePoint Online (specific focus on: creating communication sites and modern page authoring) and how your organizations can take advantage of these. Our modern experiences help ensure equal access to information and opportunities for people with disabilities. They address the requirements of Section 508 Standards, WCAG 2.0, Level AA Success C…
BRK3080 – New ways to create ’no code‘ solutions with SharePoint
This is a session for SharePoint ‘makers’. We’ll walk through the creation process of making one full-fledged solution using SharePoint. This will be a deep dive, including tips and tricks for building composite applications and solutions based on SharePoint’s numerous no-code extensibility mechanisms and will include Flows, PowerApps, WebParts, list-view row formatters and more.
BRK3290 – Integrate OneDrive and SharePoint files, collboration and sharing using Microsoft Graph
Every app works with and stores files in some form or another. Learn everything you need to know on how to read, write, and extend files within OneDrive and SharePoint, including the latest enhancements made to the Microsoft Graph APIs.
BRK3153 – Microsoft Flow: Modernizing SharePoint Designer workflows with Microsoft Flow and approvals
This session will take a deep dive into how you can modernize and enhance SharePoint Designer workflows with Microsoft Flow and approvals. We’ll take an up-close look at Microsoft Flow capabilities and how they map to SharePoint workflows, showcase real-life customer scenarios on Microsoft Flow, and discuss where the Flow + SharePoint integration is headed.
BRK2363 – What’s new to make your migration to SharePoint and OneDrive free and easy
In this session, learn how to make an educated decision on what to migrate and how to migrate from various environments into SharePoint Online and Microsoft OneDrive. We discuss existing migration methods available and introduce the latest tools created to make the transition easy.
THR3095 – Migrating legacy solutions to modern framework
Whether you are preparing your on-premises environment or trying to future proof your current portal in Office 365, come to this session to learn the best ways to move your existing investments in SharePoint to modern experiences and frameworks.
BRK2245 – How the new teamwork capabilities in Office can drive digital transformation and culture change in your organization
Office is the tool for teamwork no matter where you are or what device you’re using at the time. This session focuses on how Word, Excel and PowerPoint enable digital transformation through: working in the cloud by default; bringing people, content, and conversations together; staying up-to-date and in control; and a streamlined design optimized for collaboration.